Financially Fit

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We all love free money – and who would not want free money come the holiday season?  New Year’s is also around the corner and along come with it resolutions to eat healthier, exercise, and of course save!

Here is our attempt to highlight some well know smartphone apps to help you save and also get in better shape – this however is by no means an endorsement of any app.  If you know of any other apps you use and have had success with send them on over!


Ebates is essentially a company that gives you cash back for shopping online at participating stores.  Ebates can be used via the web or via their mobile app. Some stores even now allow you to earn cash back savings on in-store purchases. Yes, a company that PAYS you to shop.  The best part is it does not exclude you from using store coupons or savings codes either!

How does it work?

1) Create a free Ebates account.
2) Once you are ready to shop search for the retailer online to see if they are available on Ebates.
3) You found your store!  Simply click “Shop Now”.
4) The retailer’s website will pop-up and shop as you normally would.  There is a tracking ID created and you will see this appear on the transition screen.
5) After you check-out you should receive your Ebates cash back within a week.
6) Every quarter you will receive a check with your savings.

Remember sales are not a reason to shop!  So do not abuse this service claiming you are doing to get free cash!  When you live within your means, and take advantage of these savings opportunities it means extra cash in your pocket.


Many of us are using tracking devices, apps, and social accounts to track fitness and eating habits.  Some may not be, but have heard of Fitbit, RunKepper, Garmin, MyFitnessPal, UA Band, Apple Health, among others.

AchieveMint is an app that links directly up to these health trackers and allows you to earn points for your healthy fitness and eating habits.  These points can then be converted into cold hard cash – WIN!

Best part a lot of the activities you get rewarded for are things you are already doing like walking/daily step count, any form of exercise, sleeping, weighing yourself daily, etc.  For every 10,000 points you earn your receive $10 in rewards.

You will not become a millionaire by using these apps, but that does not mean you can’t start earning cash for the things you already do on a daily basis – Eat, Sleep, Work, Exercise, and Shop!